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AR2M maintains a rugged training ground in North Carolina with a variety of terrain, surfaces and obstacles. The location is remote and has been designed to challenge drivers of large and small vehicles. This site is where we give our students not only the basics of off-road driving, winching and vehicle to vehicle recovery, but also higher speed driving on rough roads. Once students complete the training at this site the next step is Mobile Training – training in terrain that simulates your theatre of operation in your vehicles. Our training site is operated during professional training only and is ideal for teams and testing. The AR2M training site does not offer services for civilians.

The AR2M training site is a convenient drive from most mid-atlantic and southeastern states. Accommodations are available.


Need to drive your heavily laden non-tactical or tactical off-road vehicle at high speeds on rough roads? Need to drive an economy car through difficult off-road conditions?
AR2M's off-road training programs approach vehicle control from a central concept: different types of vehicles share similar traits and are subject to the same physics. Our core instructional program integrates scientific principles, mechanical assets and driving techniques to provide a foundation of skills that work across a wide range of circumstances. AR2M conducts specialized programs for advanced drivers and teams to address the demands of specific vehicles and operations.

LWRK Training

AR2M is the only source for proper training on the use of our LWRK products.
While the Light Weight Vehicle Recovery Kit may be the most advanced vehicle recovery kit available, it is only as versatile as you are. To broaden the spectrum of use for the kit, training on its capabilities is a must. AR2M's subject-matter expertise allows us to devise recovery scenarios that can take you from the basics of vehicle recovery to some very advanced uses of the kit. Our training uses specially-developed measuring tools that provide a means of evaluating the forces at work by measuring those forces in real-time. We then help put those evaluation skills to the test by providing training in how to take advantage of things you already have to recover a vehicle even when there isn't any traditional recovery gear available.

Our programs are not appropriate for casual or recreational drivers.
  • Winching + Recovery Training
  • High CG Vehicle Training
  • Improvised Recovery Techniques
  • Vehicle Preparation
  • Product Testing and Benchmarking
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Please contact us for available 2018 dates.
If your need for training is immediate, please contact us at 603-498-6949 to check availability. For planned trainings or to have AR2M respond to your RFP, please contact us with details of your program and we will prepare a custom proposal.

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